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The Mekong Club: A Catalyst For Change

Modern slavery is one of the most serious human rights issues of our time. With the number of modern slaves increasing faster than ever before, and only 0.2% of victims freed each year, it is vital that we all step up and stand together to fight.

With 60% of forced labour occurring in supply chains, businesses are in a unique position to be able to contribute to the fight against slavery.

The Mekong Club engages, inspires and supports the private sector to lead in the fight against modern slavery. Join us!

Matt Friedman, CEO of the Mekong Club, breaks down the 2016 Global Slavery Index in an interview with CNN

The Global Slavery Index, released in June 2016, revealed that the estimate of victims languishing in slavery-like conditions worldwide is 45.8 million.

The majority of these victims makes the products we buy and harvest the food we eat. Slavery is linked to supply chains, and no business can walk away from this problem anymore.

So what do we do? How can we stop what is arguably the greatest human rights violation of our time? How can we mitigate this risk to our brand? Start by taking action. Join the Mekong Club and gain the knowledge and tools that your business needs to combat human trafficking.

The Mekong Club: engaging businesses to fight modern slavery

Despite the best efforts by governments and NGOs around the world, the problem of modern slavery is growing exponentially. The public sector has failed at finding lasting solution. A new player has to be engaged in this fight: the private sector.

Indeed, as the main gateway through which 70% of forced labour flows, the private sector is in a unique position to turn the tide in the fight against modern-day slavery. However, due to ‘’naming and shaming’’ practices, businesses have mostly been reluctant to discuss and collaborate with the public sector on this issue. What if a new approach could engage them in joining forced and eradicate slavery once and for all?