The Mekong Club is a membership-based organisation focused on working with companies with an active passion for eradicating modern-day slavery with industry-specific networks and expert training.

For an annual membership subscription you will receive access to the industry working groups that are most relevant to your brand. As part of this working group, you will meet regularly to learn, share best practices, and network with other like-minded professionals. Member companies also work together to achieve an annual deliverable which will work towards producing tangible results in the fight against forced labour.

Additionally, members will receive access to the following benefits:

Information & Resource Centre

Events & Workshop

Our goal at The Mekong Club is to be the go-to organisation for private sector engagement in the topic of forced labour by providing industry-specific, practical tools to help drive change internally. Our membership programme gives companies unparalleled access to the networks, knowledge, and expert support that they need to impact significant change.

Truly sustainable eradication of modern slavery requires companies to make prevention an integral part of the way they do business, from hiring to sourcing to measuring success – eventually cutting off demand to abolish the supply of human trafficking. Join us today and together we will help to bring freedom to the millions trapped in modern-day slavery.