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Modern Slavery Lawsuits: An AnalysisLaw pic
Banks are Stepping up Against Slavery Worldwide
why_the_msa_is_cutting-edgeModern Slavery in Supply Chains: Why the U.K. Modern Slavery Act is Cutting-Edge
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Where Were You? Matt Friedman at TEDxWanChaiWomen

After encountering first-hand trafficked victims on the streets of Nepal as a public health officer, Matt Friedman dedicated the next 25 years to anti-trafficking activism and fundraising. He asks how we can change attitudes to human trafficking, get more people involved and bring an end to slavery in the modern era.
Every 15 Seconds: Matt Friedman at TEDxSanJoaquin

Matt Friedman reflects upon the breadth and range of modern slavery in the world today and how we can all play our part in helping to address this global problem.