Business Response to Slavery Report 2017

We are pleased to share a copy of the Mekong Club survey carried out in May to July of this year with the aim of understanding how the private sector is currently tackling the issue of modern slavery.

The anonymous survey was carried out amongst members of the Mekong Club as well as selected Hong Kong based organisations and found that despite significant reported barriers, many organisations are taking positive actions to identify and address the issue such as the use of audits and having a code of conduct that covers modern slavery. The introduction of anti-slavery legislation has also had an impact on how businesses are examining the issue and company values are an important factor in driving change.

Nevertheless, there are still many areas that need to be addressed and prioritised. For example, only 54% of businesses have a policy on modern slavery and key areas for further work include staff training, enhanced communication with partners and suppliers within the supply chain and sharing information, ideas and best practice.  

We are grateful to the organisations who took part. This annual survey is important to understand the needs of the private sector in tackling modern slavery and identifying areas for future development. We hope that these cross-sectoral findings are useful and provide insight for future work.

Click here to download the Business Response to Slavery Survey Report