Mekong Club Association Membership Fee Increase

Dear Friends,

The Mekong Club is adjusting its membership fee from 1 July 2018 to more accurately reflect the value members receive, and to directly finance additional resources that will provide an immediate and transparent return for our members.

 For interested companies joining before this date, we will honour the current fee of US$5,000 per year. For companies joining after 1 July, the fee will increase to US$7,000 per year.

The Mekong Club was established in 2012, and was the first not-for-profit organisation in Asia to use a business-to-business approach to fight modern slavery. 

 In June 2015, the Mekong Club became a membership-based organisation that works with companies that want to take active steps to identify potential risk and eradicate modern slavery from their businesses.

Since then, the Mekong Club has:

  • Become a 31-member-strong association of businesses from seven sectors, with a 100% membership renewal rate.
  • Continued to equip the private sector in new ways – together, we have developed and launched 11 business-tailored tools that support companies in their fight against slavery.
  • Launched a business pledge against modern slavery. This is a voluntary initiative that helps businesses to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their anti-slavery strategies, while also enabling the business community to declare its commitment to addressing this issue.
  • Continued our awareness-raising mission, presenting to over 50,000 professionals from 1,000 companies on the issue of modern slavery.


We are thrilled to see an increase in engagement and commitment from the business sector. More projects and collaborations are in the pipeline and we look forward to getting more companies on board.

 If you have any questions or would like to learn more about making the most of your membership, contact Silvia at [email protected]

With kindest regards,

The Mekong Club