The private sector’s response to modern slavery and landing a man on the moon

“Our Collective Goal: The private sector will eliminate forced labour from its supply chains by 2028 without a negative impact on profitability”

Over-ambitious? Idealistic? Impossible?

Such words were once applied to the goal of President Kennedy when pledging to land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth within a decade. However, despite the overwhelming obstacles, this goal provided not only a purpose but also a huge challenge that required innovation, commitment, and – just as importantly – teamwork. A wide range of people with many technical abilities, problem-solving skills and pioneering ideas were brought together to make this vision happen. There was no room for individual agendas in such a massive undertaking. A strategic plan, a united approach and an acceptance that it was possible were essential ingredients.

Ending modern slavery in supply chains is our modern day moon landing, an ambitious but not impossible task, that requires a unified strategic plan. Every person and every organisation has a role to play in achieving this goal. The Mekong Club has established a blueprint for success, that recognises the delicate balance between private sector obligations and a need for systematic improvements. Moving towards a slave-free world without negatively impacting profitability.

Download the blueprint here