Report Launch: Helping Unmask Labor Exploitation Across Supply Chains

The Mekong Club and the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society are launching this report to share the results of a survey conducted with over 200 auditors across the Asia-Pacific region that focuses on the current practices in worker screening and the potential for the role of technology to amplify the worker voice in social compliance audits.

At a time when the prevalence of modern slavery is growing in supply chains, and it is estimated that 16 million people are trapped in forced labour and human trafficking, the findings of this report highlight how auditing practices can be improved in privacy, frequency, inclusivity and consistency, in order to identify vulnerable people, such as migrant workers, and potential victims of labour exploitation. We believe this report contributes to the idea that technology can have a role to play in enhancing the screening of vulnerable populations and, specifically, amplifying worker’s voice.

click here to download the report