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The Mekong Club works with the private sector to bring about sustainable practices against modern slavery across the globe. Companies can join the Mekong Club as Members to enjoy a range of benefits, anti-slavery tools, resources, and consultations. We have created a community of like-minded peers across different industries, working together to address modern slavery. Through these efforts, our mission is to inspire and engage the private sector to work together towards creating a slave-free world.

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Who we are

The Mekong Club is a non-profit organization that focuses on working with the private sector to address modern slavery and related crimes, such as human trafficking and forced labour. Our business association members include brands and companies from a range of industries, from financial services, to hospitality, retailing and manufacturing, amongst others. We cultivate a community of like-minded professionals, seeking to create sustainable approaches to ending modern slavery.

The Beginning of our Journey

Thirty years ago, Matt Friedman, CEO and founder of The Mekong Club, worked as a senior USAID public health official across Asia, focused on education and prevention of HIV/AIDS in small rural communities.

As part of Matt’s work, he visited many shelters where he repeatedly heard the same themes of horror. His first interview was with a fifteen-year-old girl telling him she was sexually abused over seven thousand times. She did this for two years until she was forced to leave because she suffered from various diseases that turned customers away.

Matt soon realised that, just as this young girl had been exploited for sex, millions more were being exploited across the world. This exploitation was happening in the sex industry but also permeates global supply chains, from factories to farms to fishing boats.

Matt began to work in the United Nations in the anti-trafficking world, where he worked closely with the public and private sectors across Asia. During his tenure, he noticed a gap in engagement with the private sector in their anti-trafficking efforts. Not because they didn’t want to, but because they feared being named or shamed for approaching a UN official to ask for help.

As a result, Matt left the United Nations and started The Mekong Club in Asia’s financial centre, Hong Kong, to provide a safe space for companies worldwide to work together to help identify and eliminate forced labour in the private sector.

Our Just Cause

We imagine a slave-free world whereby businesses collectively redefine how to approach social sustainability. Whereby working professionals wake up every morning feeling inspired and fulfilled by their work, knowing that the children, men, and women who have fallen victim to the actions of criminals, can return home safely to their families.

 We believe the best way to build this world is to commit to making it together.

 Our Values 

  • Collaboration for betterment
    Tackling the issue at hand with businesses serious about making a difference. 
  • Innovate to regenerate
    Continuously share ideas and encourage others to do the same. We share in each other’s successes and failures to better the world around us.
  • Equip for action
    Engage in a proactive pursuit to empower and inspire with the resources to act and make a difference.
  • Adopt an unconventional approach
    Embrace new ways of doing that leave long-lasting impacts on the future, not just short-term fixes.

What We Do

Matt Friedman started The Mekong Club to share his work and knowledge in the anti-trafficking world with as many professionals as possible. Today, The Mekong Club is a place for any size company, industry or working professional to learn and encompass new ideas to advance our Just Cause around the world.

 Here’s how we do it:

  • Trainings
  • Consultations
  • Policy Reviews
  • Baseline Assessment
  • Community Engagement
  • Awareness Raising
  • Online Tools & Resources
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Working Groups

We regularly convene our members in our industry-specific working groups. Here our members discuss modern slavery trends, challenges, and share best-practice, as well as inform our work by requesting and contributing to our cutting-edge anti-slavery tools and resources.

Tools & Resources

We have a suite of online tools and resources to support any organization’s anti-slavery strategy. These range from toolkits for training and policy development guidance, to supply chain risk assessment and forced labour ESG metrics


We offer consultancy services and other support on all elements of a modern slavery strategy. From advising on modern slavery legislative requirements, to supporting with training or speaking at events, we are available to support in many ways.


We believe that collaboration is key to addressing modern slavery. Besides our private sector members, we work with a range of partners such as civil society organizations, NGOs, research bodies, and governments.

Mekong Club Members

Our Members span across multiple countries and industries, making up a diverse community of professionals with a wealth of perspectives and experience in the anti-slavery space. We foster a community that encourages collaboration, best practice sharing, and cross-industry responses to modern slavery issues.

Matt Friedman


Clémence Aron

Programme Director

Nolan Clack

BD & Marketing Director

Caterina Foti

Project Manager

Ng Te Hooi (TeA)


Sebastián Arévalo Sánchez

LATAM Program Director

Tess De Risi

Senior Advisor

Wiebke Flach

Senior Advisor

Balkı Aydın

Senior Financial Crime Compliance Advisor

Constance Chan

Typology Development

Fiona Dickson

Social Media Content Copywriter

Ian McBride

Technology & Data

Jacqueline Parisi

Research Coordinator

Kin Cheung

Video Editor

Matthew Keeler

Writing & Editing

Michelle Yim

Project Support

Phil Marke

Project Management

José Perez

Graphic Design

Erik Couture

Technology Project Management

Tsz Yin Wong

Project Support

Silvia Pettirossi

Spanish Translator

Kathleen Ferrier

Private Sector Ambassador

Katie Gearing

Private Sector Ambassador

Elena Salaverria

Private Sector Ambassador

Cathy Cole

Private Sector Ambassador

Paolo Massimilla

Private Sector Ambassador

Sylvia Yu Friedman

Private Sector Ambassador

Mike Coates

Private Sector Ambassador

Elaine Young


Louisa Noble


Anita Davis

Board Director

Kyoko Altman

Board Director

Chakara Sisowath

Board Director

David Hall-Jones

Board Director

Stephanie Sheng

Board Director

Our Team

The Mekong Club team works to support our members and partners in addressing modern slavery across countries and industries.
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Our Partners

Partnership and collaboration is crucial when addressing the topic of modern slavery. We are fortunate to partner with talented and passionate people and innovative organizations, across many initiatives, from supply chain transparency to financial red flags. We are open to new collaborations, please contact us to set up a meeting.

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Annual Reports

Each year, we publish our progress, achievements, and updates on our ongoing anti-slavery initiatives in our annual report.
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