Our People

Kathleen Ferrier


Private Sector Ambassador

Kathleen Ferrier is actively involved in issues related to human rights and international relations, with a focus on education, migration, modern slavery, sustainability and health. Born in Suriname, she worked on grassroots development projects in Chile and Brazil, before serving as a member of parliament in the Netherlands for ten years.

She currently lives in Hong Kong, where she works as an academic professor, teaching ‘Gender and Politics’ and ‘Spanish and Spanish-American Language and Culture’ at The Hong Kong Baptist University. She is Honorary Professor of ‘The Global Practice for Human Rights’ at the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh (www.auw.edu.bd) and the chair of the board of the “Martin Luther King Lecture” in the Netherlands.

She is co-founder of Bright Hong Kong (www.brighthk.org) and involved in initiatives related to human rights, migration and sustainability apart from being a speaker and author on international relations and human rights, (female) leadership, and the principle of diversity as a source of strength.