Our People

Mike Coates

Financial Services

Private Sector Ambassador

Mike Coates has a varied background across manufacturing and banking and has found his passion working in the Financial Crime Arena since early 2013.

Mike was introduced to the Mekong club whilst he was at HSBC and is a true example of where the subject of human trafficking found the man rather than the other way around.

Mike, at heart, is a change manager and has worked on multi million dollars in various institutions. This background has led to Mike taking an active role within the Mekong with a goal to drive better understanding of the financial sector within the Mekong whilst helping shape the risks of Human trafficking in financial institutions.

Mike is passionate to make sure the subject matter is understood by individuals and has recently presented to a large group within one of our banking members to share “what can we, as individuals, do to address HT”. This includes recommended behaviours around “what you buy”, “what you invest in “ and “what you communicate”.

Mike plays rugby for Sandy Bay and has secured a personal drive to not only make sure all senior players know about human trafficking, but that every shirt they wear bears the logo of “the Mekong club”.

A big win in the institutional outreach of the Mekong came last year where we partnered with a negative news provider (RDC) to improve the supply of data in the human trafficking space. This tripled the quantum of data Made available and raised the priority of any hits. Mike was instrumental in this advance that impacted not just the Mekong membership but all x,000 institutions that use the RDC product (maybe we can say, “including google”)

Lastly, Mike is HK based and always happy to meet with our members and prospective members to share his approach to addressing the challenges of HT and how industry can help.