Join the association

Why should I join

The Mekong Club is a membership-based organization focused on working with companies that have an active passion for eradicating modern slavery with industry-specific networks and expert training. For an annual membership subscription, you will receive access to the Association tools and to the industry working groups that are most relevant to your business. As part of each working group, you will meet regularly to learn, share best practices, and network with other like-minded professionals. Our Association is comprised of several leading international companies. Join this unique network of private sector champions today.

what are my roles

As a Corporate Member, you are required to pay an Annual Membership Fee of USD 7,000.

We expect your company to nominate one (or more) representatives who will liaise with the Mekong Club. We expect members to be proactively engaged with our association’s initiatives, to attend events and working groups, and to provide feedback and advice on the development of industry-specific tools.

What are my benefits?
  • Access to the Mekong Club’s members-only portal and tools
  • Access to expert webinars, workshops and resources on focus themes
  • Opportunity to trial innovative tools and participate in pilots
  • Monthly digest sharing relevant news on modern slavery and the private sector
  • The knowledge and expertise of the Mekong Club experts
  • Access to industry-specific working groups with quarterly focus sessions
  • Opportunities for networking and best practice sharing with experts in the field of modern slavery
  • Opportunity for joint action and advocacy