If every person did one small thing to help others, we would live in a much better world.




The Mekong Club values contributions from people who want to volunteer their time or provide pro-bono support. With this in mind, we are seeking committed, experienced individuals who are willing to offer their time and skill-sets to help us achieve our goals related to specific anti-slavery efforts. While we are based in Hong Kong, we accept support from people anywhere in the world. For students who are interested, this support can be offered through an internship mechanism. We also value contributions from established professionals in a range of different fields.

What we require from our volunteers
  • A strong desire to help
  • A collaborative attitude / positive team spirit
  • A commitment to complete tasks within agreed upon deadlines
Some of the skills we are currently seeking
  • Translation experience (one or more Asian languages)
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Design experience

If you have one (or more) of the above talents, or other specialist expertise that you feel could add value to an anti-slavery NGO, please contact us.

Testimonials from volunteers
Matthew Keeler’s testimonial
Emma Gwinnell’s testimonial


My name is Matthew Keeler and I am a freelance editor. I heard about the Mekong Club via a USAID program that aims to eradicate slavery in Asia by the year 2030 and have helped them with pro-bono editing of training manuals, video scripts and promotional texts. I believe that modern slavery is the biggest problem facing the world right now. While governments and organisations like the UN must take the lead, the scale and complexity of the issue means that they cannot deal with it alone. The Mekong Club’s approach of helping the business community to identify and address slavery within their supply chains is exactly what is needed to bring about real change. It’s been a privilege to assist Silvia and her team with this effort.

Matthew Keeler

My name is Emma Franck-Gwinnell. In 2014, I joined an anti-slavery youth group that opened my eyes to the realities of how much is driven by slavery. I have been volunteering with the Mekong Club for almost a year now with updating their website. I think it’s important that I contribute with my skills and passion for human rights wherever I can.

Lots of people don’t know about the extent of modern slavery, or think it’s something very far removed from them. The best way to fight slavery is to influence and work with companies and industries to help them find more sustainable, ethical solutions in their supply chains. Something that anyone can do which has a huge impact is to tell companies that slavery is important, and support businesses that are committed to ensuring human rights throughout every aspect of their business.

Emma Gwinnell