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The Mekong Club works with the private sector to bring about sustainable practices towards the fight against modern slavery. Companies join the Mekong Club business association as Members. They gain access to an expert team, a suite of tools, cutting-edge resources, one-on-one support, and a community of likeminded organizations seeking to address global modern slavery trends and issues.
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Our Community

We work with a collective of companies, organisations, and passionate individuals to address modern slavery trends in a sustainable and collaborative way. Our members span across financial services, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, technology providers, and many more industries. From compliance with legislation such as the UK & Australian Modern Slavery Acts, to becoming true industry leaders in this field, Mekong Club members and partners are united in addressing modern slavery together.
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“From issues at an industry level, to modern slavery from a global standpoint, Mekong Club is able to piece and link together practical information for members to act on for modern slavery prevention. (Skechers)”
“ The Mekong Club has technical expertise, network and tools on tackling modern slavery, whose value is amplified when paired with the private sector’s economic leverage and global presence. Most importantly, Mekong Club believes in the importance of what they do. It is their passion, expertise and willingness to partner with other like-minded actors that generates their far-reaching impacts. (Fung Group)”
“ Our collaboration with The Mekong Club has been nothing but a success. They have continually met us where we are a company; especially during challenging times. The Mekong Club offers an opportunity for us to explore creative solutions which is critical to meet our business needs. It is a partnership that is built on trust and inspiration. (VF Corporation)”

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