Worker-Engaged Social Audits are Key

Initially developed by The Mekong Club and the United Nations University Institute-Macau, diginexAPPRISE has scaled significantly and expanded its capabilities by capitalising on diginex’s pioneering technology. Workers themselves are the best source of information on their treatment in your supply chain. Discover our time-saving, worker-led, and technology-based supply chain due diligence tools.


Taking Action on Immediate Challenges

You cannot manufacture, buy, or build a good reputation on shaky ground. With mandatory supply chain due diligence requirements on the horizon, not investigating potential forced labour and other social risks in your supply chain is no longer an option.

How can you utilize worker-led due diligence with diginexAPPRISE to enhance your supply chain visibility?

1. Offer Privacy.

Workers are often reluctant to participate in face-to-face interviews or answer honestly due to fear of reprisal or discomfort in discussing sensitive topics. With diginexAPPRISE, Worker responses are anonymous and confidential helping workers feel confident to answer sensitive questions and provide genuine insights as compared to face-to-face interviews.


2. Scale your reach for a more representative sample.

Collecting feedback from workers in face-to-face interviews is typically limited to a handful of workers due to time constraints. A small sample size may not provide a full picture of worker experiences. diginexAPPRISE worker surveys are quick and easy for workers to complete and can be taken by an unlimited number of workers. With greater worker participation, the greater the accuracy of findings reflecting working conditions.


3. Overcome Language Barriers.

Language barriers often inhibit participation of certain groups of workers, particularly minority groups. diginexAPPRISE interviews are audio-based and support a wide range of languages and dialects, supporting all workers, regardless of literacy, to participate.


4. Systematically collect data on Risk Indicators to Ensure Comparability and Demonstrable Improvements.

Risks of forced labour are generally hidden and difficult to uncover. diginexAPPRISE questions are designed by experts and linked to ILO forced labor indicators so that the right questions are asked. diginexAPPRISE’s analysis and reporting features allow you to compare results over time, location, and sector for in-depth analysis and identification of risks of adverse human and labour rights impacts.

Enhance Your Social Audits with diginexAPPRISE

A cursory social audit with only a few workers interviewed and poor response quality will fail to identify severe risks and waste time and money. 

In contrast, an effective social audit can help you understand your suppliers beyond tier 1 and boost supply chain transparency, allowing you to eliminate forced labour and inefficiency in your supply chain. 

diginexAPPRISE has already scaled to reach more than 75,000 workers and is available in 21 worker languages. It is used by some of the world’s largest corporations and in some of the most complex global supply chains, including by Li & Fung, Coca-Cola and Reckitt.

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