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Mekong Club Launches Modern Slavery Baseline Assessment Tool with UK Consulate Support

February 22nd, 2024
Mekong Club Launches Modern Slavery Baseline Assessment Tool with UK Consulate Support

HONG KONG, February 28, 2024 – The Mekong Club, a global leader in addressing modern slavery which engages the private sector, is pleased to announce the launch of its Modern Slavery Baseline Assessment Tool on March 28th, 2024. Developed with support from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) in Hong Kong, this tool equips companies from all sectors and sizes with a strategic roadmap to enhance their anti-slavery efforts.

The assessment covers key aspects such as policies, governance, risk assessment, training, due diligence procedures, and reporting. Through a meticulous scoring system, organisations receive tailored recommendations, allowing for focused resource allocation and continuous improvement in their anti-slavery efforts.


Key Features:

  • Anonymous anti-slavery score and comprehensive report: Discover your organisation’s anonymous anti-slavery score, providing valuable insights and recommendations through a detailed report.
  • Benchmarking: Find out how your score compares confidentially against industry standards.
  • Expert consultation: Engage in two confidential sessions with our experts to set up anti-slavery roadmap strategies.
  • Data for ESG contribution: Leverage insights to support ‘S’ metric within Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts related to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Impact and reach:

The tool is designed to assist companies across sectors, including supply chains, hospitality, finance, and small to medium enterprises. By reaching a broad audience, the Mekong Club aims to contribute significantly to the prevention of human trafficking and modern slavery through a business-to-business partnership.


Partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

The British Consulate-General Hong Kong played a pivotal role in funding the tool and facilitating its distribution to stakeholders. Their commitment aligns with our mission to address modern slavery and the British Government’s commitment to legislating against all forms of modern slavery.

“We are proud to support The Mekong Club in the creation of their new Modern Slavery Baseline Assessment Tool- it’s an innovative new way to tackle abuses that continue to be more sophisticated and hidden in their nature. The UK government works with experts like The Mekong Club to help tackle all forms of human rights abuse worldwide, and we look forward to further collaborations in the future.” said The British Consulate-General Hong Kong.

Matthew Friedman, CEO of the Mekong Club, said: “The launch of the Modern Slavery Baseline Assessment Tool marks a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to address modern slavery. By offering organisations an anonymous anti-slavery score and comprehensive report, we aim to foster awareness, understanding, and, most importantly, action. With the support of the FCDO in Hong Kong, we believe this tool will play a pivotal role in promoting responsible practices across various sectors, ultimately contributing to the global movement against human trafficking.”


Mekong Club Achievements and Awards:

  • 800+ Companies Reached
  • 180,000+ Professionals Trained
  • 47 Countries Visited
  • 552 Media Mentions
  • 51 Association Members
  • 39 Corporate Tools


Stop Slavery Innovation Award, Asia Gold Award, USAID’s Evidence2Action Award.


Media Contacts:

For press enquiries, please contact Caterina Foti at [email protected] or [email protected]