Unraveling the Dark Side of the ‘Human Trafficking Scam Trade’
Unraveling the Dark Side of the ‘Human Trafficking Scam Trade’
  • 09th Aug, 2023
  • 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Join us in this eye-opening webinar that confronts the dark and alarming truths of the Human Trafficking Scam Trade. Hosted by The Mekong Club, Humanity Research Consultancy, The Knoble, and Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, this event aims to educate and raise awareness about the exponential increase of human trafficking for the purpose of fuelling online scams, one such being the pig butchering scam.


The proliferation of this dangerously manipulative form of human trafficking has become a grave concern that threatens not only professionals and students but individuals from a range of backgrounds worldwide. Criminal networks operate with elaborate techniques, luring victims through deceitful job offers, before holding them against their will in compounds across Southeast Asia. Victims in the compounds are forced to scam others from wealthier nations, often faced with violence, torture and even death if they refuse.


The human trafficking scam trade is a double-edged sword, involving trafficking and violence, alongside fraud, money laundering and crypto currency. Hundreds of thousands are facing egregious human rights abuses whilst trapped in scamming compounds, and people across the globe are losing their life savings to the online scams emerging therein. Both victims are left helpless and exploited, while the criminals continue to evade justice.


The complexity and sophistication of the crime, and the transnational operation of the criminal network, makes it an enormous challenge for law enforcement and civil society to combat and dismantle.

In this international collaboration, experts from around the globe will come together to discuss this topic in a panel discussion.


Join this informative webinar to uncover the following:

  • The inner workings of the human trafficking scam trade and its profound impacts on society.
  • The highly sophisticated tactics criminal networks employ to deceive and manipulate vulnerable individuals, coercing them into illegal activities against their will.
  • Critical recommendations for law enforcement, national governments, financial institutions, policymakers, and anti-trafficking organizations to prevent and detect this type of trafficking and offer support to victims.
  • Key suggestions to protect individuals from falling victim to sophisticated financial fraud, often augmented by AI and linked to criminal activities.

This is not just an opportunity to gain knowledge; it’s a chance to be part of the solution. By attending this webinar, you will play a vital role in raising awareness and contributing to the fight against the human trafficking scam trade that has plagued our global community.